Job Opening: Big Fusion Social Marketing Manager

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Roles & Responsibilities

At Big Fusion we like to work with the very best, or at least those striving to get there.

We are currently looking for a new social media manager to join our team. We want someone who is passionate about social media marketing and who has a proven track record.

Roles & Responsibilities

Be the ultimate ambassador for the Big Fusion brand
Grow sales for our clients through social media campaigns
Plan and manage campaigns across the whole marketing mix.
Take responsibility for your campaigns.
Create content for our client campaigns.
Have a focus on the bottom line, our clients want results.
Analyse, test and report on the effectiveness / ROI of all our marketing campaigns.
Research and assist with the formation of strategic partnerships.
Have a good technical understanding of digital marketing channels.
Support with client acquisition and retention.

The Must-Haves

4+ years experience in a marketing role.
A track record of delivering successful campaigns that cut through creatively and delivered outstanding ROI.
Experience of creating media plans and campaign plans.
Able to confidently lead content marketing strategies and persona planning.
Experience of copywriting and mastering tone of voice
Have knowledge of the full marketing mix – although you don’t need to be an expert on everything.
Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
Bundles of creativity.
A great understanding of brand.
Excitement about driving innovation across digital marketing platforms.
Thrive in a fast-moving agency environment.
A self starter.


  • Full-Time Position
  • Based in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Salary: DOE
  • Application Deadline: Friday 15th March 2019

To Apply

Please email your Cv to


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Facebook has confirmed it is testing AR ads on it’s platform.

Facebook had previously said it was testing this technology for messenger. At the F8 developer conference they had showcased the technology, but now Facebook have confirmed this technology will be used in News Feed ad’s. Currently just a select few advertisers are testing the technology, which is very common practice for Facebook.

As an example of how the technology works, the CEO of Facebook Ty Ahmad-Taylor demonstrated his own face in Candy Crush Ad footage. The technology can demonstrate how products will look, for example how a hat will look on the users head or how a pair of glasses may look. This means people don’t have to go into stores to do this anymore, they can see the product on from their own couch.

The first to test the technology was Michael Kors but many other advertisers will likely follow in the near future. We can see a great deal of potential with this technology for our clients at Big Fusion.



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As a business marketing consultant I like to be involved with all business in Scotland, from startups to large brands – wherever I can add value. My role can vary from brand management to a  full scale marketing campaign or even just designing a simple logo.

I receive emails all the time from businesses looking for advice and I always schedule a time to call everyone back. I don’t charge for a phone consultation and there is often a lot of value that can be taken from a 10 minute phone discussion with a marketing expert.

This morning I visited Entrepreneurial spark who are based at the RBS building in Edinburgh, they have a great setup there with a lot of support for all businesses from people with just an idea to thriving businesses looking to expand.

It was good to meet some of these businesses who have been thriving with the help of the Entrepreneurial spark team, and to see how well they have developed in just a short time.

Building a successful business takes many factors working together like a well oiled machine. If you would like to discuss marketing drop Big Fusion an email – and we will schedule a time to call you back.


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A well thought out marketing strategy can set a business up for success, where avoiding it altogether can waste a lot if time and resources.

A well thought out digital marketing strategy should address the following questions:

  • What are you marketing?
  • Who are you marketing to?
  • How will you reach your target audience?
  • Where will you market your produce and/or service?

The aim is to be proactive rather than reactive

The purpose of a digital marketing plan for any organisation is to push you through the process of researching and clearly identifying your aims and goals, along with clearly identifying digital personas and carefully choosing which channels to go after them and how.

A marketing strategy will lead you to identifying clear business objectives – such as increase brand awareness, increase sales, increase customer retention, reduce cost per lead, reduce cost per acquisition of customers – these are common objectives – to make them part of a successful digital campaign requires breaking them down into detail.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and ill spend the first four sharpening my axe”

It’s important to deconstruct business objectives and reverse engineer them into digital goals. For example if the objective is to increase sales we would first translate this into a digital goal ie increase the website’s conversion rate, increase average order size. We now have something coherent to work with.

Once we have clear goals we can setup KPI’s and use analytical tools to keep count. At this stage we can begin setting nominal KPI targets – for example increase conversion rates from 2% to 3%. This is something you can now achieve through digital channels.

The next thing is to create personas of your ideal customer – break it down into details so you can understand them as much as possible – the saying you should know your customer so well that you know what is hanging on their fridge applies here. It’s also good to answer the question, “If i’m your ideal customer, why should I buy from you?”. As an example, we at Big Fusion would answer this question with:

  • We design bespoke marketing campaigns to meet your specific business goals.
  • We get the best results possible for our clients every time.
  • We’re completely honest about what can and cannot be achieved from a campaign upfront.
  • We have an incredible track record of success.

The next thing is to break down the channels which will be used to meet each goal. It’s important to go into significant detail about each channels strategy, including SEO, social, email, PPC etc. I recommend breaking this section up into customer acquisition, customer reach, customer retention and map the digital channels to the Sales/Buyer cycle.

The final step is to figure out how you will measure everything – each channel should be measured to ensure the effectiveness of each. Produce a matrix of core metrics to check if you’re on target to meet your goals.

A good structure for your marketing strategy:

  1. Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  2. Objectives and Goals
  3. Audience Setting and Value Propositions
  4. Channel Strategy
  5. Implementation
  6. Measurement

Does email marketing get results?

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I speak to business owners on a daily basis who want to know if email marketing still works.

The first thing I ask is – what do you want to get from your marketing strategy? because if your aim is to sell a lot of your product, sell courses or build your brand then email marketing can be a very effective channel for your business to communicate.

Where I notice businesses going wrong on a daily basis is creating DIY email’s and sending them out, crossing their fingers hoping for the best results. It isn’t happening unless you have a lot of time to devote to it.

A few recommendations to get you started.

Build your own email list – don’t buy one! You can use your existing client emails and your subscribed emails as they are already aware of who you are and will not see your messages as spam. Never just add people to your email list either.

Ask your current clients if you can add them to your list to send them occasional newsletters or special offers – they will appreciate being asked. Only contact these people with useful information and make it easy for them to share your newsletter.

You should also have a newsletter signup box on your website – it should be clear and easy to read – ideally being positioned in the top right corner of your page where it’s easy to see. Let people know they can receive a free email version of your blog by signing up.

Don’t use any annoying sliding or pop up boxes to get people’s attention – you don’t need them and they are simply very annoying.

A great way to encourage people to signup to your newsletter is to offer a free giveaway. Something of value – an e book is often a good idea. Don’t be tempted to ask them for too many details – people don’t like it. Their name and email address should be enough.

Let people know you will never share their personal details – this will encourage a lot more signups.

It’s also important to learn and abide by the email marketing rules in your country.

Finally always always always invest in a professionally designed campaign with well written content – it can make the difference between getting nothing from your campaign and having massive success.

What motivates LinkedIn members to engage with content

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LinkedIn’s publishing platform offers an excellent way for brands and people to showcase their expertise to a captive audience of professionals, serving to accelerate their business standing.

But with over a hundred thousand posts uploaded to LinkedIn weekly, the competition for attention is fierce, and also the reality is that unless your post gets picked up by LinkedIn’s Pulse editorial team and shared on a particular channel, it isn’t likely to reach beyond your degree connections.

So what are you able to do to improve your probabilities of raised exposure on LinkedIn?

The professional social network has released a new infographic which contains feedback from over nine thousand,000 LinkedIn members and provides insight into why they interact with content on the platform, however sharing behaviour differs between demographic groups and that topics drive the foremost interest.

The findings are represented in the following graphic.nding


Your logo is the face of the brand

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What has a logo got to do with a persons face you may be asking yourself…

Like many other aspects of your brand a face is very important, and just like a persons face being reconisable has it’s advantages. People have many options for styling their face, do you have a beard, wear glasses, makeup and what hair style do you have.

These visual elements of a face are all part of the visual personality. Like we have said before think of a brand as a person and you are heading in the right direction, trust us!

When designing a logo it’s important that all of the other aspects of the brand are considered, remembering the logo is the visual symbol representing the brand to the outside world.

When many people think of a logo, they have Nike, Adidas and Apple in mind and they think that these brands invested alot of money in having the perfect logo designed, but in most cases the logo was not recognised as a symbol of the brand until years later, after millions had been invested in marketing the brand and the logo to the world.

Google have officially terminated the link operator

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Google has confirmed that the link command will no longer work, this means that all SEO’s should stop using the command as it will likely produce inaccurate results.

Big Fusion commented on this over a year ago but at the time Google had not officially confirmed the operator was terminated, however Google has now told us that it effectively terminated.

Googles John Muller told webmasters yesterday not to use the command anymore, many already knew to stop using it however not everyone. The command does not work at all now.