For every £1 spent on email marketing, the average return is £38.

As social media, SMS txt messaging, and mobile web platforms have grown, businesses have been bombarded with articles claiming that email marketing would soon be dead. None of that came from us however, because we know the truth; email is the primary communications vehicle still used by 9 out of 10 companies to keep in touch with existing customers and nurture new customers through the sales pipeline.

A single email blast may not be as effective today as it was five years ago, but when that email blast is combined with an effective mobile and social media marketing strategy, a great landing page, and an ongoing email campaign for follow-up, it’s the single most effective way to deliver results. Managing your email marketing effort means effective planning, template design (don’t forget great mobile display!), copywriting, list management, and conversion strategies – and it can be a rather esoteric field.

That’s why the email marketing services at Big Fusion is so popular with our customers. We’ve recruited the geeks who understand the nuances of email marketing, and we’ve developed a proven methodology to help you get better results for your next email campaign or email blast.