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Your Website is your Greatest Marketing Tool

Sometimes people ask us why an online marketing company does web design and development. We wonder why more marketing companies don’t do the same. After all, your website is your greatest marketing tool online.

We specialize in building websites and blogs that:

  • Establish your credibility and speak to your target market
  • Are easy to manage and update on your own, without technical skills
  • Reflect your brand and vision
  • Turn visitors into prospects
  • Add to your bottom line
  • We can create a new website from scratch or upgrade your current one.

“Big fusion designed and built our website from the ground up. The team are very skilled and knowledgeable and were transparent throughout the entire process, we are delighted with the result”.

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Why choose Big Fusion?

Our team at big Fusion design and build websites with one purpose in mind – conversion. And with our vast expertise we are able to identify unique ways to ensure your website stands out from your competitors and generates revenue for your business.

We’re a marketing company first, our focus is on driving measurable results for our clients, to achieve this we design and build websites from a conversion focused perspective unlike most web design companies who design websites from an atheistic perspective which doesn’t always work in a competitive arena.

Our website design process is simple yet effective, we want to know what your objectives are and what challenges you are facing that a new website will help you overcome; because you don’t invest in a website for it to just look good.

Branding and identity is a key aspects of the design process, but it comes second to business objectives – how many websites do you see that look very smart and creative yet difficult to use. Do you buy from a website that looks clean, and professional or one which looks complicated and quirky.

The number of coffee's we drink while building a website

Basic Website

£ 1000

One-Off FeeWebsite with a basic layout and features – up to 4 pages

Bronze Website

£ 1500

One-Off FeeWebsite with a modern design layout and up to 6 pages

Silver Website

£ 2000

One-Off FeeModern design website – mobile responsive (works well on a mobile device) with up to 6 pages

Gold Website

£ 2500

One-Off FeeThis is a modern design website, fully responsive layout with logo design