Brands have personalities, a voice and style just like people, building a brand goes much deeper than just the logo.

Brand Consultation

The first thing we do is arrange a meeting with our client to discuss and understand your brand, because no one knows your brand better than you do. This process allows us to see your brand through your eyes and so understand what you want to achieve from the brand.

Brand Identity

We work with you to design your brand identify from the ground up, this process is designed to understand your ‘Why’, your mission statement and the vision, and to integrate this into your brand identity moving forward.

Brand Name

A memorable brand name can make your marketing efforts more effective. Choosing a name which is unique and memorable can make a big impact. We can help you choose a name which represents your brand.


An individual voice will engage your audience and build your brand, it’s important to have a consistent voice across all channels and campaigns to build strong relationships with your audience.