As a business marketing consultant I like to be involved with all business in Scotland, from startups to large brands – wherever I can add value. My role can vary from brand management to a  full scale marketing campaign or even just designing a simple logo.

I receive emails all the time from businesses looking for advice and I always schedule a time to call everyone back. I don’t charge for a phone consultation and there is often a lot of value that can be taken from a 10 minute phone discussion with a marketing expert.

This morning I visited Entrepreneurial spark who are based at the RBS building in Edinburgh, they have a great setup there with a lot of support for all businesses from people with just an idea to thriving businesses looking to expand.

It was good to meet some of these businesses who have been thriving with the help of the Entrepreneurial spark team, and to see how well they have developed in just a short time.

Building a successful business takes many factors working together like a well oiled machine. If you would like to discuss marketing drop Big Fusion an email – and we will schedule a time to call you back.