We’ve all felt and seen the impact of social media on our everyday lives, from learning about other people, having a stronger connection with family and friends and building stronger relationships with our favorite brands. The change has been massive, some take longer than others to evolve but in the end everyone can see the benefits of getting social and they want in.

As a business social media has opened a new door to advertise directly to our customers in a way never before possible, to not only distribute information but to measure how that information is received and use content to drive sales. The possibilities for brands in endless however to make an impact requires a clear understanding of what your brand stands for, without it your story will be fuzzy, vague and lack authenticity.

A good internet marketing agency will help you share content, they may even help you create the content and this will likely increase your “likes”, but a great digital marketing agency will help you drive sales.

We refer to this concept as content on a leash, when content is coming from different sources within a company it all has to meet the criteria of the brand, when content becomes scattered it’s counter productive for the brand.

Big Fusion’s Chris Blyth discussed this concept recently at a content marketing seminar.

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