Content marketing and social media combine to create a powerful medium for business looking to grow their brands, to make the most of this opportunity marketers need to think out of the box and create unique pieces of content that go viral. In 2012 ‘Dollar shave club’ launched with such an advert. In fact the power of this low budget piece of content skyrocketed the brand into a $615 million dollar business.

Mark Dublin launched dollar shave club with his $35000 in savings. Dublin, an experienced digital marketer set to work on creating the advert. The success of the advert generated 12000 ordersĀ  overnight. Move forward to 2015 and the company has just received it’s 5th round of financing equaling $150 million, the company is now valued at $615 million.

What makes this video great is how it clearly talks about the product and the brand while staying entertaining, this is an example of branded content at it’s best. Where advertising meets marketing with a clear set of objectives. Enjoy!.

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