Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available anywhere, this is why Big Fusion specialise in social media marketing. One of the powerful techniques of the moment is Facebook Dark Posts, today we will discuss why it’s so powerful.

Dark posts is where we publish articles to one segment of our audience without publishing it directly to our timeline. The big benefit here is that you can publish content to your targeted audience using A/B testing without spamming. This also means you can publish to different segments of your fans without over publishing and losing fans due to over posting. This means you could post 50 versions of an update in one day without upsetting anyone.

Dark posts are created as adverts using the Power Editor, here

From the experience we have working with the Dark Post technique it is conclusive that the quality of the content is key as always, this includes using quality images, video and text.

To run the dark posts you should log into ad manager and create a new campaign for each post. Use ad sets to keep things manageable and remember to monitor the performance of your posts.

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