Facebook has confirmed it is testing AR ads on it’s platform.

Facebook had previously said it was testing this technology for messenger. At the F8 developer conference they had showcased the technology, but now Facebook have confirmed this technology will be used in News Feed ad’s. Currently just a select few advertisers are testing the technology, which is very common practice for Facebook.

As an example of how the technology works, the CEO of Facebook Ty Ahmad-Taylor demonstrated his own face in Candy Crush Ad footage. The technology can demonstrate how products will look, for example how a hat will look on the users head or how a pair of glasses may look. This means people don’t have to go into stores to do this anymore, they can see the product on from their own couch.

The first to test the technology was Michael Kors but many other advertisers will likely follow in the near future. We can see a great deal of potential with this technology for our clients at Big Fusion.