Google has announced on the small business blog they have released a new landing page which tests your website page speed and mobile friendliness in one location. This will save you navigating different sites to get this information.

The tool which is available here will test many aspects of your website at one time, and gives 3 results each scored out of 100, including:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Mobile Speed
  • Desktop Speed

Optimal Performance

We have long known that these metrics impact both the user experience and SEO results, which means it’s vital they are monitored to ensure your website is running effectively.


In the above screenshot we have used amazon to demonstrate.

The user interface is very nice and easy to use, unlike many of Googles past interfaces. As you move through the results there is information on how you can improve your websites performance in the rated areas.


If you would like to test your own website click Here.

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