What has a logo got to do with a persons face you may be asking yourself…

Like many other aspects of your brand a face is very important, and just like a persons face being reconisable has it’s advantages. People have many options for styling their face, do you have a beard, wear glasses, makeup and what hair style do you have.

These visual elements of a face are all part of the visual personality. Like we have said before think of a brand as a person and you are heading in the right direction, trust us!

When designing a logo it’s important that all of the other aspects of the brand are considered, remembering the logo is the visual symbol representing the brand to the outside world.

When many people think of a logo, they have Nike, Adidas and Apple in mind and they think that these brands invested alot of money in having the perfect logo designed, but in most cases the logo was not recognised as a symbol of the brand until years later, after millions had been invested in marketing the brand and the logo to the world.