Last year we discussed how Google’s RankBrain algorithm was increasingly being used – at the time 15% of searches used RankBrain – however Google has confirmed it now uses the algorithm for all searches.

Search Engine Ranking Disruption

The algorithm has caused a disruption is search positioning for a number of search queries – confirmed in a recent Backchannel article by Steven Levy. We previously discussed how RankBrain was considered a very useful signal behind content and links. The news that Google now use the RankBrain algorithm for all searches was a big step by Google and clearly shows that Google now considers RankBrain a key ingredient within it’s search algorithm.

It has widely been reported that many search query results have changed recently – it’s believed that RankBrain is changing the ranking itself, which is not the case. RankBrain is used primarily as a query refinement tool, Google is using it to better understand what the search query is about, second to that purpose is deciding what will rank where.

An example of RankBrain in action is say someone searches for “kilt store in Edinburgh”, Google will understand that this search is very similar to a more popular search “best kilt store in Edinburgh” which it has more data for and can offer better search results – which would lead to The Kilt Store ranking as the top search result in this instance.

Triggering different searches

RankBrain in the above example has affected search results, but this is because it triggered a different search. Google has also confirmed that RankBrain is used as an actual signal. How does this affect your SEO campaign – it doesn’t if your implementing an effective SEO strategy.

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