Many have noticed recent changes to search positioning without any warning of a Google algorithm update, this has been stirring mixed thoughts in the industry however Google recently confirmed an update did in fact take place. Because of the lack of warning this update has been named “Phantom Update“. This is in essence a quality update.

Don’t Panic! It’s important to remember that Google make regular updates to the algorithm so it really isn’t the first time Google has done this. If your strategy is based on creating quality content for your audience than you have nothing to panic about. However if you have noticed a decline in organic search traffic then you should be addressing some of your on-site SEO.

There may have been little said about the latest quality signals but for references sake here are important factors to keep in mind.

  • Duplicate content and redundant articles are a no-no.
  • Avoid creating thin content.
  • Prioritize user experience. For example, too many ads on your site can create a negative visitor experience and have an undesired impact on your rankings.
  • Your content should be trustworthy. Visitors that land on your site should feel comfortable giving you their credit card information.
  • Are you exercising quality control with your content? Your articles should be free of spelling and factual errors.
  • Are you striving to give your target users an in-depth look into the subject matter? Does your content meet their needs?

This is a quick overview of what  Google expects from you as a content creator and distributor. If you are still catching up from the recent mobile friendly update then continue with that, but if you are already up to speed then the thing to address now is content.

It’s all about building trust, have you noticed that some websites publish content and have it indexed in just hours where others take weeks, well it’s all about creating trust by publishing valuable content for your audience.

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