To suggest the internet marketing world moves faster than most would be an understatement. In the past 12 months alone we have seen some big changes from the large digital agencies right down to the smaller ones, ROI is still a popular buzz word but now everyone is talking about branding and brand awareness with little to back it up.

Their is no denying that a digital campaign should integrate the brand approach throughout, this includes images, logos and anything else that makes the brand unique, but their has to be a swivel point, somewhere to manage the balance and ensure that a campaign meets many requirements.

As an example, Big Fusion manage an email marketing strategy for one of our larger clients who has consistently seen a monthly increase in sales and ROI through the email campaign. The method we use to drive this level of success is sticking with the basics, focusing on the message, the target and the product. Let’s say for example we are launching a digital marketing campaign for a new client, we have to get under the skin of that client to understand exactly what we want the campaign to do, often they don’t know and so it’s a big part of our job to ask questions and find out.

Digital marketing is all about one thing, sales. Their is an emerging art crowd in the digital marketing world who are happy to sit and chat all day about branding and content marketing without understanding the fundamental building blocks which lead to driving sales. Our clients demand results, if a client does not seen a measurable increase in sales from a digital campaign then they will start asking questions, and rightly so.

This idea does belong to content marketing as well, it is true that content is king, the reason is that Google is King, and if you want to impress the search engines then you need to feed them. Content on social media is also a driving factor, but often it’s a case of distributing content on social to engage better with your customers. Building relationships and trust.


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