Search engine optimisation experts are constantly advising against the use of black hat SEO methods and yet there are still some business owners which choose this approach. One of the reasons why so many site owners still fall into this trap is because unethical SEO companies make black hat SEO look so tempting.

Those working unethically in search engine optimisation try to make others believe black hat SEO is highly productive and yet it is quick and easy too. This is what many website owners want to hear and so they are eager to believe what they are told. Unfortunately for them, black hat SEO does not work in this way and the consequences of a black hat SEO campaign can be devastating.

If you use black hat search engine optimisation techniques, your rankings in the search results will drop significantly and your site may even be banned from the search results entirely. This is obviously the opposite outcome to what those running an SEO campaign aim to achieve. SEO is used to get websites ranked in better positions so exposure and traffic can be gained. If you use black hat SEO, you will not see this result. Instead, you will have less exposure and less traffic visiting your website because of a massive drop in rankings.

The search engines have technology to identify those sites using unethical SEO methods and punish them severely to show this approach is not advantageous.

Using black hat search engine optimisation will also severely damage your reputation. If you are running an online business, reputation is extremely important. Your company needs to be respectable and trustworthy if it is going to be successful. Online consumers do not like to shop from unethical and immoral businesses and if you use black hat SEO, it will be obvious to others your business falls into this category.

The other way you will be punished if you choose to use black hat search engine optimisation instead of an ethical approach is by wasting time, energy and money on an unproductive SEO campaign. Black hat SEO does require money and hard work and yet it does not produce the results you are hoping for if your business requires an SEO campaign. If you have used black hat SEO, you will have lost money and time and this can be extremely disappointing.

At Big Fusion, we only use white hat search engine optimisation because we know only this approach to SEO actually works. Black hat SEO is a waste of time and actually harms your business instead of helping it.

There are many white hat SEO techniques available which can help your business and we can help you to identify and use these methods effectively. Don’t be manipulated by those working unethically in SEO but work with us instead because our company is respectable and trustworthy and has been helping clients to achieve impressive SEO results for many years.

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