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There have been big changes in the way people do business, whether it’s to find services or buy products the majority of people are now using the internet to search. It’s no longer good to have a business website; it’s a vital ingredient to your business success. When you consider how many people are using smart phones and tablets to search the internet on a daily basis you can see the potential. This is not just confined to Edinburgh but worldwide.

Investing in a business website will help grow your brand and build your business; not just in Edinburgh but where ever your clients are located.
If you don’t have a website designed to compete online you could be left behind by your competitors with a lot of catching up to do. You risk losing out on business because your website is not converting visitors into customers.

We can do some very smart things through website design and a digital marketing strategy that will put you ahead of your competitors and make sure your seen by the right people at the right time.
Building a bespoke website for your business means defining your business objectives and ensuring the new website helps you achieve them.

We’ve been developing websites since back when the internet was already being written off as a short lived craze, back then a website looked similar to a flyer you may get through the door today. As with all things technical there have been a lot of changes over the past decade and we’ve been around to experience them.

Your website today says more about your business than your business card, office or bank account can ever come close to, it’s became the first port of call for all prospective clients as they want to check out your company. You have less that 20 seconds to capture their attention and convert them into a client, this takes planning and great design work.

We design search friendly sites that Google will index easily, this means you wont have to waste a lot of time further down the line fixing the site when Webster tools starts flagging errors. Unfortunately a lot of web design companies don’t take this into consideration and when a client comes to us for SEO we have to break the bad news.


We built websites using PHP, Cobra, MySQL and other languages as required. We decide at the planning stage which technology will be most beneficial for a particular project. We also offer budget options where we use a prebuilt frame to build the site within a particular budget and timescale.


A CMS is recommended for the majority of company websites, this allows multiple users access to the website for publishing content and making changes. We work with different CMS systems each has it’s own individual merits and is chosen to meet the clients requirements.


The question that everyone dreads, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We offer a number of affordable options to our clients which means we can build a professional website within a reasonable budged starting at around £1000.  Because we don’t take shortcuts on performance we will be completely transparent with you and if what your looking for cant be achieved within your budget we will tell you up front.

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