Wire frames are something well known among website designers however most not in the industry are alien to them. They are very useful in the design of a website and in fact can make a big impact on the performance of the finished product.

What’s important to understand is that wire frames ignore all style elements of the website, design and images as this is added at a later stage. When we start designing a web page there are several considerations before we begin building anything.

1. How does the page integrate into the rest of the website?
2. What content including images, video and text will be on the page and interactions both user and business objectives.
3. How will all the content relate to one another to meet objectives?
4. What will it end up looking like?

The wireframe includes all of the above accept number 4. What’s important at the wireframe design stage is clearly defining the page layout, and not being concerned with what it will look like graphically, it’s not the job of the user experience designer to worry about that. Because the wire frame doesn’t include design elements it’s much more flexible and easier to change as required. The wireframe process is also a lot faster and less expensive than the visual design stage.

The wireframe will include the following points:
• What content will be on the page
• The organisation of the page content
• Which content is of most importance
• Where is this page in the experience process, where users are most likely going next.
• Site navigation
• Where is the page on the site.

The wireframe gives a client an opportunity to make changes to the layout prior to the design stage, this includes content placement and navigation. Ironing these points out early will save a lot of time and money later. It also ensures the digital agency can confidently continue to the next stage of the process.

Choosing a web design company that has the experience and knowledge to create a website that will drive measurable results is vital; it’s the one time shouldn’t look for the cheapest option because that’s most likely what you will find. A website built to out shine your competitors is essential in modern day business. Call Big Fusion today to discuss what a website designed and built by us can do for your business.

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