A lot of people ask why should they use Google + if they are already on other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It’s understandable why people ask this question, but as a search engine marketer I can confirm there are very good reasons.

Most people see Google + as a social platform with nice but confusing circles, and I again understand why, but one very important thing to remember is that Google + is owned by Google. This is important and I will explain why shortly.

Enhanced site Rankings

As you may have experienced with YouTube and Google places, your Google + profile has an advantage when being ranked in search results. If you have a Google + page then your Places page will rank better for competitive keywords. Also the number of +1’s a post/URL gets will directly influence search positioning. The better quality your content and the more it’s shared the better it will rank.


Keyword Targeting

In the about section of each Google + profile is an opportunity to write what your business has to offer. This section should be optimised as it will be used as a meta description in search results. You can also benefit from mentioning the products and services your business offers here as well.

Referral Traffic

The about section can contain links pointing to various products and sections of the website. Links can also be added to posts shared on Google +.

Social Blogging?

Most people don’t realise that Google + allows you to have a mini blog with unlimited characters unlike other social networks. You have full control over your content and can go back and make changes anytime in the future.

Content Sharing

Every post shared on Google + produces a unique URL which belongs to Google. This means the chances of content showing in search results is better.


Google + reviews shows a star rating for your business based on the number of review you receive. Reviews are an opportunity to establish credibility for your business and you should aim to improve this section of your Google + page. More reviews your Google + page gets the better it will rank in search results.

google-plus-review benefits

Knowledge Graph

If your content appears in the knowledge graph you will get a backlink to your website and visibility. All you have to do is publish your content to Google + to increase your chances of being included in the Knowledge Graph. Being included in the Knowledge Graph results in increased CTR to your website.

Some other great Google + tips

  • Use hashtags to make your content more visible.
  • Stay active and post often.
  • Use GIFs to make content engaging, Facebook doesn’t allow it but Google + does.

If you would like help with your Google + strategy contact Big Fusion today to find out what we can do for your business.

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