Content is King

If like most you rely on your website to bring in new business then you have probably felt the pressure to rank at the top of search results for competitive keywords. It’s became an essential requirement to rank amongst the best in your industry for the big, juicy competitive keywords. But what can you do to compete in the increasingly saturated online search marketing space.
There are a number of strategies for getting to the top of search engines, but realistically when you consider the amount of time it takes to develop an online marketing strategy getting it wrong can mean an expensive waste of your resources.

Content is very important for a number of reasons, but when it comes to search rankings it’s vital. When we write content it’s often targeted toward the products that we offer, this means it usually offers a lot of value to our audience and it’s rich in powerful keywords, the sort of big juicy keywords that are in the right place for the right reasons. When you’re writing content about something specific the keywords will naturally fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle. So don’t be tight with the content, write regular blog articles that ad value to your audience.

Social Sharing
Have you noticed that when something interesting is shared on Facebook everyone want to share or like it, well that can be very beneficial for the publisher. If the publisher is a company sharing a video, images or articles and it’s been shared across social media that’s great for driving targeted traffic and brand building. The worlds biggest brands have been leading by example with this, but the fact that anyone can share content across social without the budget of household brands means we would all be doing it? Right?, unfortunately not, most companies do not have the skills required to turn creative content into sales.

Website Traffic
Off the back of content distribution is traffic, that’s website traffic, think of all those potential clients seeing your content and clicking through to your website, did your hands just start rubbing together with the thought of all that targeted traffic? I hope so. Well that’s another benefit of distributing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

When Google decides where to rank your website one thing it considers is backlinks, that’s when other websites point to your website, well the number one way to encourage others to link to your site is by offering something of value, this is often in the form of content.. Do you see where this is going!

A lot of businesses try building backlinks from websites like directories or by paying for links but unfortunately this isn’t a good strategy, firstly Google knows! Yes Google knows your cheating, they may forgive you for it but more often than not they won’t which means all that hard work of building those fraudulent backlinks have actually damaged your sites credibility and you will have to employ a digital agency to fix it. If you’re unsure if this could be affecting your ranking have a look at webmaster tools, Google will let you know there!
This is an introduction to the benefits of creating and distributing the right content in the right place at the right time. For a free website audit email us your name, contact number and website address to

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